Medical field

Pain treatment

At Clínica Nasser, we offer personalized care to the patient by performing a biomechanical study and carrying out a diagnosis of the different causes of the injury, we then relate the causes of the pathology or the disease to physical or psychological factors.

We use non-aggressive techniques to eliminate or alleviate bone, joint, muscle, neurological (sciatica, herniated discs) pain, sports injuries, etc… both as a symptom or as a disease.


Persona recibiendo un masaje. La columna vertebral está destacada.

Active rejuvenation

At Clínica Nasser we want our elders to feel good, alive, young and agile. That is why our team of qualified professionals have designed an active rejuvenation program for our seniors. This program helps the elderly, starting at the age of 60, feel young, alive, and energetic, with the goal of leaving with a smile, ready to go on a run. 


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At Clínica Nasser, we offer our patients a personalized physiotherapy treatment based on their individual needs with the objective of carrying it out as effectively as possible to eliminate pain and recover the treatment area.


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Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic discipline, which focuses on the internal structure of the body and which is used in the treatment of soft tissues and joint corrections.

In Clínica Nasser, we provide the space to treat different ailments for any patient who comes our way. Our main objective is to eliminate pain using careful treatments so that our patients never have to suffer again. 


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Medical examinations

The main objective of the sports section at Clínica Nasser is to protect and ensure our patients’ health and to obtain the maximum performance of athletes and patients in general. For this reason, we perform different controls on a regular basis through medical-sporting examinations for patients who wish to enhance and promote their physical performance.


Persona sometiéndose a un reconocimiento médico

The health of a company

We offer companies a comprehensive health service to achieve a work environment based on well-being. We perform personalized treatments and adapt them to our clients, using the following procedure


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