Pain Treatment

tratamiento del dolor clinica nasser

At Clínica Nasser, we offer personalized care to the patient by performing a biomechanical study and carrying out a diagnosis of the different causes of the injury, we then relate the causes of the pathology or the disease to physical or psychological factors.

We use non-aggressive techniques to eliminate or alleviate bone, joint, muscle, neurological (sciatica, herniated discs) pain, sports injuries, etc… both as a symptom or as a disease.

We comply with all the functional and structural requirements that guarantee the quality and efficiency of our service.

The main objective is to improve the quality of life of the people who come to our clinic to regain their physical and emotional well-being.

With more than 40 years of experience, our clinic uses state-of-the-art methods and employs close, humble, motivating, and above all honest professionals who use the latest, most innovative, non-invasive techniques to eliminate or alleviate a wide range of injuries and pains to help reduce patients’ physical and mental conditions. This is why our personal motto is “CLINICA NASSER, QUALITY OF LIFE AND LONG SPORTS LIFE”

Our professional challenge is to relieve you from your pain entirely so that you may lead a normal life. Our assessment as well as practical guide of recommendations offered by our professionals will allow you to live pain-free everyday.

José suffered from facial paralysis as a result of tumor in the neck, but due to the professionals at Clínica Nasser, he has retrieved almost all of his facial movements and can now even close his eye, which he wasn’t previously able to do.

Alex Puente, a skier from the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation, is recovering from his shoulder injury at Clínica Nasser to get ready for the next Olympic Games.

Lorenzo goes to Clínica Nasser with the aim of improving his health and getting fit. In the video he talks about his weight loss journey and how happy he is with it.

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