Medical Examinations

asegurar el máximo rendimiento de los deportistas y pacientes en general

The main objective of the sports section at Clínica Nasser is to protect and ensure our patients’ health and to obtain the maximum performance of athletes and patients in general. For this reason, we perform different controls on a regular basis through medical-sporting examinations for patients who wish to enhance and promote their physical performance.

In addition, different tests and explorations are carried out in order to monitor and control the training of different pathologies that an athlete may suffer from. These sets of tests are specific and are focused on the investigation of possible injuries or organic alterations that can hinder the physical performance of athletes.

In order to obtain a complete diagnosis, it is essential to study each patient’s case and perform an individualized clinical study. 

There are different types of medical examinations depending on the objectives to be achieved, although some of the treatments are common to all cases.

At Clínica Nasser we take the health of our athletes very seriously, helping them overcome their challenges and achieve their sports goals.

Summary of the RFEDI medical examinations – Clínica Nasser 2018

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