Sports Rehabilitation

Médico revisando historial

This area deals with recovery and rehabilitation of the injuries of all types of patients, regardless of their age with our speciality being athletes, be it professionals, sports enthusiasts or amateurs. Through new advanced technologies in recent years, athletes can recover from sports injuries much faster than they used to. Non-athletic patients progress dramatically by successfully increasing pain thresholds and improving their physical conditions. 

After the medical examination of an injury, we offer an integrated service based on sports rehabilitation within our facilities that allows personalized training and recovery in a reduced period of time.

When our patients come to Clínica Nasser, we assess the treatment to be performed in order to eliminate the pain suffered by our patients. For every single one of our patients, a specific program is set to personalize their treatment. 

We also evaluate the rehabilitation needs and the type of exercises that a patient will have to perform, to regain full mobility (if it is some joint), and the part of where the lesion is to be treated are also evaluated.

Our clinic in Zaragoza is equip with excellent facilities, machinery, and experts who work with the last technology that allow for a faster recovery period. 

We would also like to highlight that Clínica Nasser has established itself as one of the reference centers for elite athletics such as skiing and winter sports, since it is the coordinator and the clinic responsible for the medical and rehabilitation services of the Royal Spanish Federation of Winter Sports (RFEDI). We are proud and honored to be able to undergo such tasks as it undoubtedly fills us with pride to be able to help these high performance athletes.

Alex Puente, skier of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation, recovered from his shoulder injury at the Nasser Clinic to get fit for the 2018 Olympic Games

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