Injuries’ Prevention in Alpine Skiing

In order to avoid injuries, we carry out physical preparation programs specialized in alpine skiing focused on the optimization of technical resources and thus develop the know-how to prevent frequent sports injuries in this discipline.

The more technical a skier is, the less likely he is of injury and the greater his performance and control of potentially stressful situations.

At Clínica Nasser, we offer preventative technical work where we develop physical abilities such as neuromuscular conditioning, resistance to muscle fatigue, strength, agility, proprioception, psychological factors and coordination.

Our services are aimed at alpine skiing athletes of all categories, from the youngest to the Masters category; to those who have who have suffered an injury and who need specific physical and psychological rehabilitation to resume the practice of alpine skiing, or who want to prepare themselves physically to avoid future injuries.

It consists of 

Our professionals, in addition to being doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and physical trainers, are senior level III technicians in the specialty of alpine skiing. They accompany the athlete throughout their physical preparation program, which favors practicing the sport in a controlled, measured and professional manner.

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