Personal Training

Persona realizando ejercicio

Have you ever thought about a workout that was solely dedicated to you? Do you get tired of going to gyms and having trainers not pay any attention to you? Would you like to personally train following the guidelines of health professionals?

We’re offering you the opportunity of personally train to enhance any part of your body as well as lose weight under the supervision of our professionals. It is a way to individualize, motivate and develop safe and effective exercise programs.

Anyone seeking to  achieve their goals faster than they would in a sports center or gym, is highly recommended to visit Clínica Nasser, as our specialists and qualified professionals will help you carry out a personalized training system where only you matter. Make the space your own with a personal trainer and enjoy a unique exercise experience.

The individual training allows an athlete to undergo exhaustive monitoring of their physical sports development, in addition to improving their psychomotor skills, directed by physical preparation physiotherapists.

The objective of Clínica Nasser with these trainings is for our patients to feel unique and undergo training adapted to their personal needs. These exercises are mainly dedicated to those people who want to tone their muscles, lose weight in a simple way, get fit and above all achieve a healthier quality of life and a long sporting life.

You will be surprised with the results achieved in a very short time!

Request an appointment by filling out this form or contact us by telephone 976 216 995 and eliminate pain from your life.