tratamiento de fisioterapia personalizado en función de las necesidades de cada uno

At Clínica Nasser, we offer our patients a personalized physiotherapy treatment based on their individual needs with the objective of carrying it out as effectively as possible to eliminate pain and recover the treatment area.

Thanks to all the highly qualified people who work in our clinic, we offer each patient a combination of the most effective techniques with cutting-edge, reliable technology to obtain satisfactory results.

Physiotherapy is not only a massage; it involves certain professional knowledge, because if not performed right, can lead to critical patient pain and no recovery. At Clinica Nasser, the professionals are knowledgeable and have many years of experience in the field. 

There are many areas of expertise in which we work in as specialists, but the main ones are the following: lymphatic drainage, massage, foot reflexology, relaxation, kinesotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, dry needling, pain treatment , sports physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation, controlled electro-stimulation, ultrasound, parafangotherapy, pressotherapy, among others.

At Clínica Nasser, our professional challenge is to alleviate the pathological pain our patients suffer from, and it is for that reason that we put ourselves at your disposal. We can provide you with any advice or answer any of the questions that you may have.

Through the help of Clínica Nasser, Alex Puente, athlete of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation, was able to return to sports and recover from suffering a acromioclavicular dislocation. 

Request an appointment by filling out this form or contact us by telephone 976 216 995 and eliminate pain from your life.