eliminar el dolor con tratamientos cuidadosos para que el paciente no vuelva a sufrir

Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic discipline, which focuses on the internal structure of the body and which is used in the treatment of soft tissues and joint corrections.

In Clínica Nasser, we provide the space to treat different ailments for any patient who comes our way. Our main objective is to eliminate pain using careful treatments so that our patients never have to suffer again. 

The pillars on which we base ourselves are exploration, knowledge of the causes of ailment, active listening of the patient, and manual work, which all lead to the alleviation of pain. It is thanks to our professionals at Clínica Nasser, that we offer personalized treatment focused on the well-being of our patients.

Our team of specialists performs osteoarticular work, by means of manual movements that allow the muscular chains to centralize, providing muscular health to the patient. 

Osteopathy is a unique discipline, so it usually encompasses 3 branches, whose most common treatments are those we perform at Clínica Nasser. The first treatment is joint osteopathy, which deals with the musculoskeletal system; the second, cranial osteopathy, more focused on problems related to the bone structure of the skull and jaw; and finally, visceral osteopathy, which treats the organs and viscera improving their functioning.

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