Functional Disorders

Niña sonriendo

We treat the following possible disorders that children may have: defects in plantar support, scoliosis, lumbar lordosis, dorsal kyphosis, Osgood-shlatter (growth disease), muscle decompensation, etc …

We use physiotherapy techniques of pain and sports to assess children to be able to correct physical problems that can cause serious injuries in the future.

  • Medical Treatments
  • Child physiotherapy
  • Children’s Sports Physiotherapy.We help all kinds of children, be it athletes who need to increase their physical abilities or children who undergo the physiotherapy treatments to prevent injuries. Our philosophy is based on enhancing the different capacities that are proprioception, neuromuscular work, concentration, balance, coordination, strength and agility.
  • Physical Preparation for Children. We strengthen the physical capacities of FORCE – RESISTANCE – POWER – AGILITY to obtain children’s sporting achievements.

All our techniques are always carried out with the rule of NO JOINT PRESSURE to achieve our slogan: THAT A CHILD HAVE A LONG SPORTS LIFE.

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