Active Rejuvenation

We discovered that the elderly’s prime motivation to live without pain, are their grandchildren. All of them want to enjoy playing with them but very few have the energy to keep up. Back pain, low mobility, and low strength to lift weights are just some of the problems that grandparents face when caring for and playing with their grandchildren. The key is active rejuvenation.

Clínica Nasser’s active rejuvenation program consists of using the hope and motivation grandparents have to get them into shape. Through medical treatments of preventive medicine, sports medicine, sports physiotherapy and physical preparation we get our elders to avoid injuries related to the care of a child aged 1 year or older, which is very demanding and requires a lot of activity.

We carry out a medical treatment program, completed with individualized sports treatment, so that the patient recovers quickly and manages to improve their physical shape, increase strength, agility and coordination. With our work and dedication, we manage to avoid degenerative diseases and injuries and therefore increase our patients’ mental health.

programa especial para mayores de 70 años

For most of the population, depression and physical inactivity are closely linked, especially for the elderly who believe that that once their working lives end and they enter into retirement, it is no longer useful to society or themselves to exercise, thus, the brain begins to act negatively and undergoes a metamorphosis in its physical and mental state, which forms the appearance of injuries, pains and illnesses. The key to rejuvenation is physical activity.

The lack of mobility and exercise can affect the muscle and bone health of our elders. All this leads to loss of strength, slowing down of mobility, appearance of premature fatigue and excessive external dependence.

At Clínica Nasser we want our elders to feel good, alive, young and agile. That is why our team of qualified professionals have designed an active rejuvenation program for our seniors. This program helps the elderly, starting at the age of 60, feel young, alive, and energetic, with the goal of leaving with a smile, ready to go on a run. 

The main objective that we pursue with this program, is to find our elders’ motivation to live without pain, to fulfill their purposes with strength and determination.

Carmen is a 75-year-old patient, who has regained her health and fitness by following the exercises provided to her by Clínica Nasser’s active rejuvenation program. She affirms that she no longer feels any pain and has gained agility. The key to rejuvenation is physical activity.

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Active Rejuvenation 2016 of Nasser Clinic

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