Sports Field

Physical-sports rehabilitation

This area deals with recovery and rehabilitation of the injuries of all types of patients, regardless of their age with our speciality being athletes, be it professionals, sports enthusiasts or amateurs. Through new advanced technologies in recent years, athletes can recover from sports injuries much faster than they used to. Non-athletic patients progress dramatically by successfully increasing pain thresholds and improving their physical conditions. 


recuperación y la rehabilitación principalmente las lesiones de todo tipo de pacientes

High Performance Physical Preparation

Due to many years of experience and training, Clínica Nasser helps professional athletes increase their sports performance with specialized treatments. In this domain, we teach and educate high-endurance athletes to perform certain physical exercises in a controlled and individualized way to enhance their performance in the sports they practice, relying always on the care and supervision of our Clínica Nasser team


alto rendimiento

Personal Training

Have you ever thought about a workout that was solely dedicated to you? Do you get tired of going to gyms and having trainers not pay any attention to you? Would you like to personally train following the guidelines of health professionals?


entrenamiento solo para ti y además bajo pautas y directrices de profesionales de la salud

Body Design

Body design is one of the latest trends when it comes to exercise. The most important factor to know about it, is that it is a complementary treatment and training method which can not suffice on its own since it has no scientific rigor. 


uno de los entrenamientos más de moda en estos últimos tiempos. Lo más importante es que es un método de tratamiento y entrenamiento complementario