Childhood Obesity

Tres niños sonriendo

We designed this division of the clinic in response to the needs of fathers and mothers who came to our clinic to treat obesity in their children and adolescents.

Our scientific philosophy is that physical activity directed by physical preparation physiotherapists, nutrition designed specifically for each patient by our medical team, and knowledge of healthy habits, will lead our children to make better decisions and thus have a long, physically and mentally healthy, life. 

The healthier a child looks, the more self-confident he/she will have and the happier he/she will grow.

All our techniques are always carried out with the rule of NO JOINT PRESSURE to achieve our slogan: FOR A CHILD TO HAVE A LONG SPORTS LIFE.

The children’s section includes the services of medical treatment of childhood injuries, physiotherapy treatment of childhood injuries, child physiotherapy, childhood obesity, physical preparation, protocols and sports order targeted to children from 3 to 18 years old.

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