Don’t lose contact with those who matter most to you, knowing if you are infected with COVID.


Enjoy yours as before, take the COVID-19 detection test. Serological or antigen test.


If they have undergone a PCR, confirm the result with a serological or antigen test. Reliability higher than 95%.



At Clínica Nasser we carry out two COVID-19 detection tests: the serological and the antigen one. Both are done through our medical service. They confirm false negatives in PCR and confirm if you are infected with COVID in the early and middle stages of the infection. The detection process lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and they have a high reliability rate, higher than 95% in both cases.

Both the serological and antigen tests are CE certified and approved by the Spanish Medicines Agency.

After obtaining the results, we provide the patient a medical certificate.

Who can take the test? It is recommended for all the public and especially for:

For greater peace of mind, it is recommended to do both tests simultaneously.

Serological test at home

  • Antibody detection in middle and advanced phase
  • Recommended from the 4th day of infection
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Medical certificate at the moment
  • Reliability ≥ 95%

The serological test that we carry out at Clínica Nasser detects immunity against coronavirus; measures the presence of antibodies, identifies IgG / IgM immunoglobulins and discriminates them, which allows us to know, on the one hand, if the patient is currently positive for the virus and, on the other hand, if the disease has already passed.

It is advisable to perform the serological test 3/4 days after a PCR test for three reasons:

  1. In case the PCR is a false negative and the patient could have generated antibodies.
  2. To confirm the negative result of the PCR and be sure that the patient is not infected.
  3. If the PCR test is positive, once the confinement time required by the Health Authorities has elapsed, you can confirm if the patient has generated antibodies and has passed the infection.

Antigen test at home

  • Early stage virus detection
  • Recommended in the first 5 days of infection
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Medical certificate at the moment
  • Reliability ≥ 96%

The antigen test that we perform at Clínica Nasser detects the presence of the coronavirus in the body; which allows us to know if the patient is currently positive for the virus. The antigen detects the N protein of the coronavirus in a respiratory sample.

In addition to obtaining the result in 10 minutes, the great advantage of this test is that it has a high sensitivity in the first days of the infection. Specifically, the sensitivity up to the fourth day of infection is 96% and 90% thereafter.

This rapid diagnosis makes it an ideal option for those patients with symptoms or who have had close contact with a person positive for coronavirus.



For greater patient peace of mind, we recommend performing both tests simultaneously. Obtaining the two results (serological and antigen ones) will allow us to know:

  • If the virus is present in an initial phase (antigen test)
  • If the virus is present in a middle phase (serological test)
  • If the body has generated antibodies in an advanced phase (serological test) and, therefore, if the patient has passed the coronavirus before

Combined test: Serological and antigen test at home

  • Virus detection in early, middle and advanced stages
  • Both tests will be carried out at the same time: antigen and serological test
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Medical certificate at the moment
  • Greater security against virus analysis is obtained by analyzing a longer period of time
test antigeno pcr serologico

All our tests are carried out under the maximum conditions of protection and hygiene.

The test is carried out by our healthcare team and as the healthcare manager for the activity, which is the one who performs the prescription and medical certification, Dr. Nasser, Doctor with registration number 505005637.