High Performance Physical Preparation

Persona preparada para salir a correr en la línea de meta

Due to many years of experience and training, Clínica Nasser helps professional athletes increase their sports performance with specialized treatments. In this domain, we teach and educate high-endurance athletes to perform certain physical exercises in a controlled and individualized way to enhance their performance in the sports they practice, relying always on the care and supervision of our Clínica Nasser team. We carry out the design of medium and high performance physical preparations in a personalized way.

It is an individualized training since each athlete has different needs compared to the results he/she would like to achieve. The needs that can be treated in our center are physiological, anatomical, biomechanical and even psychological.

We provide medical-physical planning focused on improving the different qualities and physical thresholds of athletes, to achieve their sporting goals linked to maximum performance, thus avoiding the occurrence of injuries as they practice the different physical activities. 

The treatments we perform are preventatives and used for performance optimization. Preventives improve the muscular conditions of the athlete avoiding overloads, breaks or muscle injuries. We even help tone the muscles to prevent injuries and continue with a schedule to strengthen them.

In addition, behavioral guidelines are set because of the necessary cohesion between the athlete and our physical trainers, to increase the effectiveness of the treatments. Setting these guidelines will facilitate recovery, toning, and strengthening of the area to be treated to achieve satisfactory results in high-performance activities and lead a long sports-filled life. 

Royal Spanish Federation of Winter Sports

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colaborador del grupo de investigacion enfyred de la universidad de zaragoza

Clínica Nasser collaborates with the Research Group ENFYRED, of the University of Zaragoza, in a mountain racing project

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