Pain Unit

unidad del dolor

The pain unit of Clinica Nasser Zaragoza is formed by personnel, specialized in pain diagnosis and treatment. They are professionals who carry out excellence in the integral treatment of each patient’s pain.

The medical team consists of the medical director of Clinica Nasser, Dr. M. Nasser, a specialist in anesthesiology and a team of physiotherapists specializing in trauma, pain, neurological and sports physiotherapy. All the team works extensively to successfully solve and handle pain over a short, medium, or long duration. 

This allows for a more personalized treatment of each of the problems related to your pain.



Our offers:

Diagnosis, exploration, and treatment to optimize the actions to be carried out and achieve success in eliminating and reducing pain. We plan the course of treatment according to the diagnosis, establishing deadlines and realistic goals of improvement.

We coordinate with different medical services to carry out a multidisciplinary treatment plan.

Most frequent pain pathologies:
  • Spinal cord pathology including all disc pathologies with or without neurological compromises derived.
  • Artificial pathologies of degenerative, traumatic or post-immobilization origin
  • Headaches
  • Cancer

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